Teaching kids deep learning with intuitive drag-n-drop block-based interface.

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Developed in the Pytorch Summer Hackathon 2019
3rd Place Winner of Pytorch Summer Hackathon 2019


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Augmented Deep Learning
Custom blockly components: convolutional, fully connected, dataset switcher, GuessCategory,
'improve model with data'
one click optimizer.
Drag & Drop
Kid-friendly, colorful, intuitive
Drag-n-Drop block-based
Drag to add and
remove NN layers
Web Based
Pure Js
Computer agnostic, light-weight browser based interace.
Can run on any browser,
embed on any web page.


Facebook Udacity Private Secure AI Scholar, Proud Mother of Eli (who also contributed to testing), Educator, USA-based Data Scientist
Facebook Udacity Private Secure AI Scholar, Mother of four, Swedish Data Scientist and Lifetime Learner. Facebook Developer Circle.
AI Researcher at Berkeley. USA-based. Robotics enthusiast. Facebook Developer Circle.
Current an ML mentor at a leading edtech startup. USA-based.